Making movies is going to become as commonplace as forming a garage band. They're not all going to be Spielberg, but not every garage band is Nirvana, right?

- Yair Landau
President of Sony Entertainment

Video can grab an audience the way no other presentation medium can ...

- Jeff Sauer, writing in
Presentations, November 2001, p. 45

God, I love making movies!

- Gus Kyriakakis, Writer/Director/Producer of
All is Fair in Love and Art at

Movie production is becoming more accessible, personal, and spontaneous than ever before!

- Rob Kenner, Wired Magazine

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Digital Kibbles 'n' Bits, a compendium of some of the video examples from this class, was a finalist in the 2003 Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival, winning 2nd place.